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Staying Relevant Through Current Events

"How about them Dodgers?" "Can you believe what the Mayor said yesterday?!"

Twenty years ago, I began all of my morning meetings with such questions from my clients. I still do. The only difference now, is that I actually am up on the Dodgers and unfortunately, I am very aware of what the mayor said yesterday. Is this because I am now a Dodger fan who follows local politics? Not exactly. I am a business owner who decided many years ago to create common ground between myself and those who sought my services.

Being aware of current events empowers me in a few very important ways. The first is the most obvious. Whether you have known your client 20 minutes or 20 years, it is imperative to be able to connect in ways other than the business subject at hand. Call it an "ice breaker" or "small talk" if you will. I call it proof of life. Listening about last nights game that went into extra innings and actually sounding knowledgeable on the matter shows that you are real, alive, caring and actually a human verses a robot order taker. The second reason being up on current events empowers me as a business owner is that it projects me as relevant in the current job market. More than once, has my knowledge of current legislation at National and State levels allowed me to navigate my client's into a favorable harbor. Most importantly, being aware of current events and trends allows me to be nimble and ready at all times with my own company.

So, I would have to say that my morning routine of coffee and surfing the day's headlines with rumors of tomorrow's trends has become a great proof of life to my day and my client's tomorrow.

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