Happy Get To Know Your Customers Day!

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October 15th, 2020


 A perfect National Day to celebrate your customers and small business alike! 

'Get To Know Your Customers Day' is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with customers and build continual rapport for years to come. 

     Do you always have that one client who consistently orders their product or service in a timely fashion? Or do you get the firm handshake from the B2B owner who thanks you for your service and looks you squarely in eye. These are the power customers and they help to build the foundation of your business. Wouldn't it be great if all your clients could be like this? Getting to know your customers does not have to seem invasive or overwhelming, but with earnest effort it can bring a customers and referrals alike. 

     Have swag? Gifts? Merch? Always have special items for your longtime patrons. Customers appreciate the gesture and you can bestow your appreciation with an added benefit. It's called top of mind and it is an essential skill in marketing. Word of mouth is, has been and will always be the most powerful marketing tool a business can wield. Business cards are a simple reminder to start with but add a coupon or referral discount or reward card and now you have a tangible token of loyalty for your clients. T-shirts, stickers, bags and even masks can be a symbol of your appreciation to customers. And branding is an impressive way to market your company.


Get to know your local Jack and Jill.   Jill absolutely loves lilies and Jack is a local baseball coach. Helping a couple remember little things like anniversaries, birthdays or even donating to the local little league can be huge symbols of goodwill and help grow your business. These longtime customers always call you when they need that special something, why not do something extra for your VIPs? What if you could add to their experience and increase sales? Win-win, right? Lead generation is a marketing technique that has been used since the first clam shell was exchanged for a coconut, but in this century, it's tough to keep track of all that who, what, where, when, why details. Queue the software. Knowing what tools can help keep track of your business sales and even anticipate future sales, can do everything from increase revenue and customer satisfaction, decrease spending and open up larger fiscal gains. 

 Listen to feedback. Hearing what clients have to say is crucial. Sometimes, people refrain from expressing their opinions unless prompted. Would you want to have that million dollar idea pitched to your competitor or you? Have a complaint? Let's hear how we can improve. Otherwise, a bad review or negative experience can spread up to ten times faster than a positive one. Listen up and you'll be thankful. Use forms, cards, or online survey with incentives. Make a fan wall or invite customers to share positive feedback on social media. The best way to hear from the customer is to ask.  

Feel like you missed the boat? Don't worry, 'Get to Know Your Customer Day' is recognized the third Thursday of every quarter. 

FYI that's:

Jan 21, 2021

April 15, 2021
July 15, 2021
Oct 21, 2021


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Image by Vladislav Klapin